March 2017

Q2 2016/2017 sales revenues

Plaisir, March 14, 2017 – Zodiac Aerospace reported sales of €2,445.3m for the first half of its fiscal year 2016/2017; -1.8% on a reported basis. Foreign exchange rates had a +0.8 point impact on growth rate in the period, offsetting part of the -2.6% organic decrease.
By branches Aerosystems was up 1% in H1 on a reported basis and flat excluding exchange rates while our Aircraft Interiors activities are down 3.7% reported and down 4.5% organic. Within this activity, Cabin branch and the Seats branch, are showing a similar organic change while the difference in reported variation is the consequence of different exchange rates exposure.


  • H1 sales down 2.6% organic vs. H1 FY15/16
  • H1 sales impacted by continuing industrial disruptions in seats UK and Cabin as well as weak market conditions for helicopters, business jets and regional
  • FOCUS plan on track with ongoing action plans targeting cost savings in H2 16/17
  • Challenging H1 will result in much stronger H1/H2 dissymmetry than last year
  • FY 16/17 COI should be around 10% below FY15/16
  • Current headwinds and remaining industrial issues in seats UK and cabin do not affect our ambition to return to historical profitability by FY2019/20



Zodiac Aerospace at APEX 2017
Zodiac Aerospace at APEX 2017

From September 26 to 28, Zodiac Aerospace participates in APEX, the Airline Passengers Experience As

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Q4 and Full Year 2016/2017 sales revenues
Q4 and Full Year 2016/2017 sales revenues

Plaisir, September 13, 2017 – Zodiac Aerospace reported sales of €5,126.2m for its fiscal year 2

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