Executive Committee

The Executive Committee define and review the Group’s major strategic directions and projects in terms of its portfolio of activities, investments, mergers and acquisitions. They monitor the objectives and operational performance of each of the Group’s entities.


Executive Committee

Chaired by Olivier Zarrouati, the Executive Committee meets every quarter. Twice a month, the Group’s ten most senior line and operations managers meet in an Executive Committee to review major questions relating to the Group’s operation and performance.


Members of the Executive Committee


Olivier Zarrouati
Chief Executive Officer
  Maurice Pinault
Member of the Executive Board and Deputy CEO
Strategy & Business

Benoit Ribadeau-Dumas
Member of the Executive Board and CEO
Zodiac Aerosystems 

Didier Fontaine
Executive Vice-President
Administration & Finance
  François Feugier
Group Chief Operating Officer
  Antoine Doutriaux
Zodiac Seats
Christophe Bernadini
Zodiac Cabin

Bruno Delile
Zodiac Aerospace Services


Pierre-Antony Vastra

Executive Vice-President Communication & Investor Relations


Delphine Segura-Vaylet
Human Ressources Director


Zodiac Aerospace at Aero India
Zodiac Aerospace at Aero India

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Zodiac Aerospace shareholders meeting - 2017
Zodiac Aerospace shareholders meeting - 2017

Plaisir, January 19, 2017 - After discussing the proposed merger between Safran and Zodiac Aerospace

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Executive Committee